Your wings already exist…fly

Knowledge is an incredible gift (although some might say also a ‘curse’; depending on your attitude, I say). Once you’ve learned something , you can’t “un-know” it. I took great joy in my new found knowledge in my most recent travel experience.

Collecting more stamps

I watched a documentary called “City in the Sky” on BBC Earth, a 3 part series with episodes titled Departure, Airborne and Arrival. What most intrigued me in the series, was the dynamics of the plane’s departure: how the plane gets off the ground and into the air. Now, take-off has always been my favourite part: feeling the speed of the plane rushing down the runway and then the force that pushes you back into your seat as the nose lifts and we head for the skies. That feeling literally brings a smile to my face every time. After watching the show, I learned how speed is gained and the wings and flaps are adjusted to lift the plane skyward and when I watched all this through the window of the aircraft, I couldn’t help but feel excited at being able to practically witness the theory I had learned.

Preparing for take off

When it was time to land, I watched again as the flaps lifted and the engines opened to slow the plane in a matter of seconds. I felt like I was seeing this for the first time, with fresh eyes; it was incredibly fascinating.

Flying has become an all-day, every day industry and is too often taken for granted with the frequency in which we fly and the way it now connects the world. But something else that the show reminded me of was that “every take off is an act of gravity defying brilliance”.

View from the top

For those who love air travel, watch the show for more insight.

Lastly, I feel we should thank the pilots, cabin & ground crew, engineers, air traffic controllers, handlers, labourers and the thousands of others that make flight possible every day. You help make our dreams come true!


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