The mystery lake

My first overseas trip was a Trafalgar Tours 8-countries-in-13-days-amazing-race-type tour, which proved to be a wonderful introduction for me to international travel and to the well known cities of Europe.


On route to Innsbruck I took the picture below through the window of the bus, however at the time I did not know exactly where we were. I remember that as we drove alongside this lake, I noted that the water was an exquisite jewel blue-green colour (not so clear from this picture I admit) and I wondered if it was as a result of the rock formation that surrounded the lake; it was clear and calm and I imagined it to be really refreshing. It was an absolutely beautiful site to behold and for a second I was disappointed that we couldn’t slow down (or stop) just to enjoy more of the view.

Present day…I saw a similar picture today on Instagram (@cntraveler) and I was so excited to finally know the origins of my picture: this is Lake Plansee in the Tirol region of Austria…mystery solved! YAY!

Now that I know, I only hope to one day be able to return to appreciate this spectacular, natural setting as it deserves.



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