Staycation: Ceres Ziplining

Lately I’ve been thinking about my next (abroad) travel destination. At the same time, I came across the term ‘staycation’ (delayed, I know) and although the term is new to me, the concept is not. It’s important not only to look forward to future plans but also to enjoy and be present in the time in between, now, while it’s here, and right at home. So that’s exactly what I did….celebrated today with “Africa’s Best Zipline Tour”.

This meant a roadtrip to Ceres, just 90 minutes drive from Cape Town, following a spectacular route through farm lands and vineyards and showing some of the best of rural Western Cape. Out there, congested neighbourhoods are replaced with expanses of wheat crops and grazing lands; sheep, cattle, gemsbok and birdlife are neighbours and hues of deep green, brown, yellow and bright blue paint the path to follow – and this is only but a taste of marvellous South Africa.

The journey continues over Michells Pass with breathtaking views of rugged mountain terrain coupled with a deep valley below and one or two streams of mountain water running down the rock face. Ceres, said to be named after the Roman goddess of agriculture, is a major fruit farming & processing area where visitors can enjoy cherry picking in the summer. It is also a very popular spot for many locals to experience snowfall of the surrounding high ground in the winter months.

Today’s visit to Ceres was with a purpose in the search for new challenges, new adventures and new heights. I had spoken before about going out to zipslide but other plans always came up. But no more. I convinced my family today was the perfect day for a drive out and headed straight for the Ceres Zipslide Adventures offices at the edge of town. I paid, signed my indemnity form and assumed the position to get ‘geared-up’. The instructors were super friendly and joked and teased so as to alleviate any anxiety in our small group. We then filed into the van which would drive us about 4 km to the lines. After a short climb to the first line and a brief instruction and demonstration, I was off: bum in the harness, feet to the sky and feeling free and powerful as I cut through the air.

Below I passed over ravines and dark water rock pools and while we flew above, hikers followed the trail below. There are 8 slides totalling 1.4 km of a tour like non-other and although the idea is not to get stuck midway through the cable, I would not have minded were it to happen. The rock formations below and picturesque outlook over the Skurweberg mountains make this an incredible experience. The rush of soaring at about 40 m up in the air was pretty awesome too.

And all of this beauty and adventure is in my backyard….how lucky are we?!

p.s. thanks to my family for going along with my crazy plans


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