I scream for Ice Cream

Inspiration is all around, if only we will be open to it. Today’s post is inspired by my day and the interesting and delightful people I got to share it with and the creative space that had us playing with ice cream, fresh fruit and lots of chocolate. What’s not to love?! I was reminded of my visit to the Gelato Museum & University Carpigiani in Bologna, Italy.

I traveled to the city a while ago and felt at the time that it was time again to learn something, about something. Gelato seemed the obvious subject go-to in dreamy Italy and so a Gelato Masterclass was a perfect fit. I went onto their website and booked via email correspondence with their team, who were very helpful with offering directions from my base in the city. I expected to be one of a few but it ended up being just me, which was no problem at all for either myself or my masterclass facilitator and guide, Brunella.

We started with the history of gelato and a walk through the museum, perusing the original equipment and how production technologies and the consumption of gelato evolved over the years. They have an interesting collection that has been well preserved. Once I understood the origins of gelato I could move into the “gelato laboratory” to have a hand at making my own mix. They talked me through the science and calculations of producing a batch of gelato and then came my practical “test” – I would make a batch of sorbet in this case (which contains no dairy only fruit and sugars) and should it be successful, it would go into the case for public consumption.

Kitted out in my Carpigiani apron and cap and standing ready with my recipe, I took my place in the kitchen and made my batch. It exited the ice cream machine in graceful waves with swirls of peach fruit and claimed its place in the display cabinet for the world (okay,  only passersby and local staff) to enjoy!

Getting to the Gelato Museum from Bologna city was super easy and they offer an array of courses and workshops to suit all ages and objectives. It was a great way to experience a new city and culture and an old food love…and at the end of the day, gelato was served. Now who could say “No” to that…?!!

– see http://www.gelatomuseum.com for your next visit –


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