Würzburg, Germany

The travel bug has bitten again and my Europe 2016 adventure has begun. It started in Paris – always a good choice, followed by a day in Stuttgart to watch some tennis. This post though covers a quick trip to the small German town, Würzburg.

Truth be told, we knew very little of the small town we would visit that day, but the website we scanned in deciding mentioned “Bavaria region” and the name sounded like “currywurst” (& frites – my new favourite food) so we were sold!

The bus from Frankfurt was only an hour and a half each way and day-tripping felt like a great way to spend a Saturday. We had mini pretzels for a breakfast snack and walked along the river and over the old bridge – both Erin and I have this facination with bridges and so this was a must-see in town. We strolled through the market place and in and out of stores before heading indoors for lunch, just as it started to rain…which subsequently ended just as quickly.

Later the afternoon we made our way to the gardens of the Residence which was nothing short of beautiful – neatly kept flower beds and pristine cut lawns, all in vibrant colours against the gloomy, thunder clouds overhead and what made it more “secret garden-esque” was the fact that there were very few people around because of the rain. It was wonderful.

Eventually the rain put a damper on wandering around and we managed to catch an earlier bus home.

All-in-all, a great day out!



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