Eating Dallas

The memory of my visit to Dallas was centred around two of my favourite things in life…food and friends! After travelling alone or with the new friends I was making up until then, it was great to meet up with “my people” again, South Africans. It felt familiar, it felt like home.

On the food side of things, I joined a food tour. It was my first introduction to a food tour and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was the first of the group to arrive – ever the early bird – and as the others joined I realised I was the only “single” in the group. But that was what my entire adventure was about, my solo journey around the world and it didn’t bother me for a second. How could it when what was coming next was food! 🙂


Our tour took us to 5 dining establishments in the Uptown area of Dallas, where the profile of residents was that of rich, young adults with no children and pub-hopping was popular. We walked between the restaurants and pubs, which was great for giving digestion a chance, but also rode on the vintage electric trolley, a piece of history.

IMG_2446 IMG_2442

We enjoyed spreads and meat strips as part of Mediterranean cuisine. Next was some good ol’ barbeque-type food in the form of a pulled pork sandwich washed down with ice cold beers; at another restaurant we tasted 3 different “ketchups”, coating truffle oil and parmesan fries – now that’s a perfect combination if ever there was one. There was pasta, Philly beef rolls, salad and to end it off, cake. Signature cocktails were available options with all meals.


IMG_2467IMG_2474The smaller portions were brilliant to ensure we had enough space for everything. At the time, I had wished there was more Mexican foods or big steaks and ribs because these were the things I pictured when I thought of Texan food. However, the foods presented just indicated the range of influence so many different cultures had on this region and I quickly let go of any disappointment in not having ribs and margaritas.

IMG_2456 IMG_2454

At the end of it all, people around the world are more similar than they are different. They all want to be loved, to be heard and want safe food to sustain them and possibly enjoy, no matter the shape or form.

By the way, Dallas was delicious!



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  1. Rosy Trisha says:

    Great photos! I think its great you traveled solo!


    1. Merrill says:

      Thank you! Yes, it was an amazing opportunity to go solo and must admit not as lonely as some would imagine.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie Tayler says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience in Dallas. I also had a good trip to Dallas and enjoyed a lot. We booked a private jet charter to Dallas from and they provide us excellent service. We faced no problem in travelling.


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