One year later…

This time last year I was mid air on my way to London and eventually destined to land in Louisville, Kentucky the next evening. Today, I’m sitting on the couch at home enjoying the memories of a trip that would forever be my most inspired chapter….for now, of course.

Tonight’s post is dedicated to the many who made this journey possible. “No man is an island” and nothing in this life is done without input and support from others…nothing worthwhile anyway. (“,)

One of my objectives of this trip was to connect with the Power of the universe and learn more about myself and the world we are apart of. I thank God for His grace and guidance that started me on this journey and brought me home safely to continue in my pursuit.

I am so grateful to my family who graciously let me spread my wings and who held back tears and fought against airing their fears so that I would freely chase a personal dream. If I was brave, it was only because they allowed me to be because they were always there to catch my fall. For that I am eternally indebted to them and love them dearly.

To my friends and colleagues who shared only words of encouragement and pearls of wisdom, I am blessed to have them in my life.

To my overseas family and friends, both old and new, who had opened their homes and their hearts to me as I made my way across the world, I am humbled by their kindness and generosity of spirit for which I can never repay them in any material way. They were an integral part in making my dreams come true and I would honestly not have had the journey I did without them.

A year since leaving, I am home with incredible memories, wonderful experiences and lessons learnt, beautiful spiritual gifts and so much gratitude that my cup overfloweth!! One year later I have new friends, rekindled relationships with family and a flame that burns inside of me in hopes that the journey may continue.


Thank you!


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