Summer = Gelato

The electricity is out this evening and so it’s a perfect opportunity for another blog post. Tonight, I’m reminiscing about Italy…


My first trip to Italy was in 2010, where I rode on a gondola in the rain and got lost in Venice; I threw my 3 coins into and made wishes at the Trevi fountain and shared pasta at a café along the cobbled streets in Rome, and devoured the most divine kilogram of steak in Florence.

As always and instinctively, my travels feature some type of food adventure and I took it to another level in Italy. This time I visited Bologna and Naples and spent a day at the Gelato University Carpigiani, just outside Bologna. Here, I learnt about the origins of gelato and attended a masterclass understanding the composition and functional ingredients of this delicious treat before making my very own batch!








Gelato to ice cream is like ciabatta to sandwich loaf…artisanal and special and I love that! It requires real ingredients and results in small batches, freshly made. In the past, the seller was also the artist who mixed each marvellous flavour and that’s something special.

Pizza Napoletana in Napoli

Like any trip to Italy, there was also pizza and pasta, but as I enjoy the days of summer now, my lingering thoughts and sunny-day-desires are none other than for gelato!



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