Taking risks

Travel is my favourite topic of conversation. I love hearing of the places others have been to, how they spent their time and what their first impressions and overall experience of a new country was. I then get to share my planning processes, any obstacles I needed to overcome in order to realise this grand adventure, the people I met and the food I tasted…all this backed up by a large collection of photographs, of course.

2 am. Chocolate milk. New friends. New Orleans. PERFECTION!
2 am. Chocolate milk. New friends. New Orleans. PERFECTION!

I met somebody yesterday who added to a list of people who have described my decision to travel as “brave” and expressed their admiration for my willingness to take such a big risk. It continues to surprise me as I never considered this as requiring bravery.

Of course I considered the risks, weighed the pro’s and con’s of leaving a stable, well-earning position to be an unemployed 20-something lone, female traveller venturing around the world to countries where English wasn’t the first language, to see things and taste new foods and work my way through a bank balance that had no other direction but to go south. Haha.Confronting these ideas and fears-of-the unknown thrilled me!

Isn’t that what life should be though? Finding new ways to challenge ourselves so that we continue to learn and grow; meeting new people that help us realise that actually, underneath all the apparent differences we all want the same thing and that should makes us more tolerant of each other; finding ways to inspire and to be inspired.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England
Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

My decision never felt brave but rather in tune with nature and meant to be and maybe that’s where there adjective lives…in the courage to follow that gut feeling. I am humbled by their admiration and continue to be encouraged to live boldly. Everyday I am motivated me to continue taking risks, for there is always something to learn along the way.


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