My (almost) year in Travel 2014

Overlooking the city of Chicago

My first taste of international travel was in 2010 and that bug has stayed with me ever since. This time the travel bug bit in a big way and became more of a life’s calling than just itchy feet! The year 2014 saw significant changes to my usual routine; new challenges, great learning opportunities and wonderful ways to connect with myself, with the Power of the universe and with the unknown places and citizens of the world.

Coffee in Paris

As I remember my experience, a few words that I used to track my travels come to mind: grateful, blessed, family, friends, food, adventures2014, yummy, inspired, born2fly, la vie est belle!

Playing space cowgirl, Indiana State Museum, Indiana


My travel plans were realised as follows:

  • Time away – 7 months 19 days

  • Kilometres Flown – 43 343 km
  • Flight segments – 15
  • Airlines flown – 9
  • Long distance bus segments – 11
  • Long distance train segments – 5
  • Continents visited – 2
  • Countries visited – 12
  • US states visited – 13
  • Time zones crossed – 6
  • Visas required – 3

These few lines don’t even begin to describe the adventure of a lifetime that I enjoyed. There are so many stories and experiences to remember and I’ll share these across different posts.

But hey, in this way, the adventure continues….

The “Idols” couch, Coca Cola World, Atlanta, Georgia
The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
In sunny Santorini
In sunny Santorini


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